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Ideal Order/Contents of aLIGO QUAD Testing / Commissioning

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This presentation outlines the testing/commissioning regime for a QUAD throughout its lifetime, from first build up as in metal configuration to post-acceptance commissioning goals.
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Major update to tests and results based on ~1 year of experience with taking suspensions from assembly to installation. Highlights of changes include:
- Inclusion of M0, R0, L1 and L2 spectra results for all stages of testing
- Inclusion of M1 damped vs. undamped transfer functions for all stages of testing
- Clarification of comparison measurements for above mentioned results
- Inclusion/clarification of vibration absorber tests and results
- Removal of obsolete / impossible / impractical tests based on experience
- Added reference to OSEM chart (E1200343), which captures open light current values among other useful data.

To Be Changed:-

Recommend adding a coil continuity check for lower stages of suspensions to definitively diagnose if we see the expected DC coil resistance or measure an open-circuit. Such a measurement would only be necessary for Phase 3, and would not impact already stored 3rd IFO suspensions.

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