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Specification : 40m dichroic RC folding mirrors

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18 May 2018, 17:11
Specification for 2 diameter optic to replace existing (convex) PR3/SR3 at the CIT 40m. This set of specifications have been arrived at essentially using the same considerations as E1700016-v9, but we have now relaxed the requirements on green reflectivity.
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40m optics coating
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v3: minor changes from v2 to make the wording less ambiguous. Also added explicitly formula used to compute sagitta.
v4: added files for coating design (i.e. layer thicknesses), spectral reflectivity plot, and MC analysis.
v5: adding coating design with just 3 layer thicknesses repeated, seems to give okay performance.
v6: Making specifications less ambiguous.
v7: Changed wording about angle of incidence on the HR side.
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