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aLIGO HEPI L1 ETMX (BSC4) Assembly Validation Report

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This document summarizes the tests done to validate the HEPI L1 ETMX (BSC4) assembly and installation. As all L1 HEPI BSC, it had been installed since 2004 at Livingston. However, it had been grounded for the 2 to 3 years of aLIGO install. All electronics have been updated since, and more importantly, the position of the ETMX support tubes (i.e. the position of the 4 HEPI ETMX boots), but not the one of the housings, was adjusted before ISI installation to accommodate for Initial Alignment needs. HEPI was initially kept locked for the 1st few months of use the X-arm. In order to allow for further adjustment of the optics position, HEPI was released on March 31st 2014. All tests were completed by the end of April 2014.
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Preliminary version, still incomplete.
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