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aLIGO HEPI L1 HAM5 Assembly Validation Report

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18 Jun 2014, 18:34
aLIGO HEPI L1 HAM5 Assembly Validation Report
Notes and Changes:
We still have a few tests to run but should not have any issue with it. Here is a list of the tests that will be done:

- 1.4 Check Stops Gaps: this test will be done when we unlock HEPI on L1 HAM 5
- 1.6 IPS Centering
- 1.7 Sensor ASD
- 1.9 Static Test Local Drive
- 1.10 Linearity Test
- 1.14 Alignment Offsets

Some of the tests have been waived:
- 1.2 Bellows: the bellows are hard to access and tests are hard to proceed. After several discussions and brainstorming sessions, it has been decided not to measure the gaps on HEPI-HAM.
- 1.5 Gaps Check: this test can be waived if step 1.10 Linearity Test/Range of motion in the local basis passes because it means that the system has a full range of motion and is, therefore, free to move
- 1.11 Actuator Plate to Shield gap: this test was not performed because the Range of motion gave good results

So far, we have the 1.3 Boot Location that fails, but the requirements might be a little bit too strict for this test and our results are in the ballpark, the real issue with this HEPI is the H4 faulty actuator valve. This valve will be swapped and all the failed tests will be redone in order to approve this Unit.

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