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aLIGO HEPI L1 HAM2 Assembly Validation Report

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18 Jun 2014, 18:33
aLIGO HEPI L1 HAM2 Assembly Validation Report
Notes and Changes:
Here is a list of the tests that still need to be done:
- 1.4 Check Stops Gaps: this test will be done when we unlock HEPI on L1 HAM 4
- 1.6 IPS Centering
- 1.9 Static Test Local Drive
- 1.10 Linearity Test and Range of Motion
- 1.14 Alignment Offsets

Some of the tests have been waived:
- 1.2 Bellows: the bellows are hard to access and tests are hard to proceed. After several discussions and brainstorming sessions, it has been decided not to measure the gaps on HEPI-HAM.
- 1.5 Gaps Check: this test can be waived if step 1.10 Linearity Test/Range of motion in the local basis passes because it means that the system has a full range of motion and is, therefore, free to move
- 1.11 Actuator Plate to Shield gap: this test was not performed because the Range of motion gave good results

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