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aLIGO HAM-ISI, "Common Documentation" (List of all DCC trees, wikis, and general documentation)

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E - Engineering documents
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22 Oct 2018, 08:21
Root DCC entry for the aLIGO HAM-ISI acceptance of all the "Common" documentation (following the procedure given in M1100282 and per the format given in template E1300457)

It includes all the documentation that is common to all the HAM-ISI instances (Design reviews, Drawings, Assembly Procedures, Testing Procedures, etc.)

Follow the links provided under 'related documents' (or in the E1200686 document) to get to the acceptance documents

Notes and Changes:
12/18/2013 Dennis Coyne:
I am in the process of re-writing this document to address the following (i.e. reformating and including references to existing documents, not creating new content or documents to address 'holes'):
1) putting this document into the latest format of template (E1300457-v3) for fabrication acceptance documentation (minor changes)
2) The document had no final design review documentation. I am gathering the final design documentation and preparing a narrative. There may be a need to update some documents based on the final design (TBD).
3) There does not appear to be a report which responds point-by-point to the FDR report (M0900021); I am gathering what information exists in the form of responses. This may be an area requiring further work (TBD).
4) Reference is made in this version of the document to wiki pages for the PDR, which was in turn referred to from the FDR wiki page. Wiki pages are not acceptable for acceptance documentation (since they are easily altered by others, and difficult for the general user to know that changes occurred); DCC documents are required. BTW some links on the FDR page are broken. I will snapshot these wiki pages as DCC documents so that they can be referenced.
5) In the design section, the following information (called for in E1300457-v3) is not explicitly cited (however some of this information does appear in the PDR wiki page reference):
- FDR report
- response to the FDR actions
- supporting analyses, models, specifications, etc.
- interface information, including RODAs
- software descriptions
6) Section 3 (Materials and fabrication specification) currently has no content, but should reference the in-vacuum materials and processing specifications, the special cleaning specification, the allowable FTIR levels, the single maraging steel block for a common set of 3 blade springs, etc.
7) Section 4 (part & in-process spare inventoried) currently has no content, but should at least state what has been put into the ICS system (e.g. all parts, or just "important" parts per M1000051). Like the test section, a generic (common) link to the ICS for the top-level instances of the HAM-ISI assembly should be given.
8) Section 6 (Installation Procedures) -- missing
9) The content in the sections entitled "User's Manual" and "Troubleshooting" should be recast into the new template sections entitled "User Interface Software" and "Operation Manual". The document (E1200762) which is implied to be a User's (aka Operation) Manual, has sections on the BSC-ISI and HEPI, but not the HAM-ISI. Moreover while it is a good general discussion of basic operation and operator interfaces, it does not satisfy the requirements of an Operation Manual defined in M1200366. Although E1200762 pre-dates M1200366, and so does not have to comply with the precise format, the following content appears to be missing, which at the very least must be provided by reference to other documents: Safety, general warnings and cautions; Setup or initialization; Check-out; Calibration; Maintenance; Operational spare list; Storage considerations
10) A section on safety is missing. This section should list the hazard analyses, Watchdog design descriptions, etc.

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