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aLIGO HAM-ISI, Pre-Installation Test Report, Phase II, LHO HAM 3 (Unit #5)

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Camber-side Testing (pages 6 to 17)

The Chamber SIde Testing was performed on HAM3-ISI between June 12th and June 13th 2012, in accordance with the second version of the Pre-Integration Chamber-Side Testing procedure (E1200513-v2).

All sensors appeared to be functional.

Initial Chamber Testing (pages 17 to 36)

The Initial Chamber Testing was performed on HAM3-ISI between Friday July 27th and Wednesday August 1st 2012. All the tests presented here were performed during that period. Other tasks were also performed then:
- Models were installed
- In-field cables were installed
- Electronic rack was troubleshooted:
o BIO-related cables missing fifth pin
o DAC/ADC card numbers in the IO chassis figured out
o BIO card used by the model figured out

Few issues were found during the Initial In-Chamber Testing of this unit. The known issues are summed up here:
- CPSs and lockers will need to be reset after SUS install, as expected
- Some readouts are slightly under requirements on Local to Local static test.
- Overnight Transfer Function crashed du to incompatibility between Ubuntu OS and Mac computers.

Final Chamber Testing (pages 36 to 58)
- Waved Tests:
o LZMP: It is a lengthy measurement that needs tweaking before being run with suspensions on. Indeed, suspensions trip when the test is run.

- Particularities to be kept in mind
o The optical table is slightly out of level (165 Árad instead of 100 Árad)
o The blade of corner 2 is bent more that recommended (17 mils of inflation, instead of 15 mils)
o The Transfer Functions measured with vertical GS13s are slightly noisier than they are at LLO, above ~150Hz.
o A small screw ( 4-40 x 0.112) was dropped while populating the optical table. The screw could not be found. Details available in LHO aLog #4354.

HAM-ISI Phase II testing
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