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aLIGO HAM-ISI, Pre-integration Test Report, Phase II, LLO HAM 2

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Conclusion Initial In-Chamber testing
Once again, we had make a few unexpected adjustments after installing the ISI in the chamber.
- change 2 shims (for level) Those changes were less drastic than those we had to make on HAM-ISI 3 (see E1200104)
- change V3 actuator (for ground loops)
- change V1 cable (for ground loops)
Most minor issues found on this ISI during side-chamber testing were confirmed during in chamber tests.
- Local 2 local transfer functions displays a slightly different behavior around 1 Hz in corner 3 than in the others. We still believe this to be due to the sensors themselves.
- All vertical local to local static testing barely missed requirements (i.e. displacement is slightly lower than anticipated.
- Even after solving ground loops issue, the slopes from the linearity tests differ from each other slightly more than expected. However, results are much more consistent than right after installation.
We did not retest the LZMP, but will once the chamber is closed.
Notes and Changes:
Completed initial in-chamber testing.
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