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aLIGO BSC-ISI, Test Report, Phase 2, L1 BSC 2 (LLO Unit #1)

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Version including tests following cartridge install
still missing T240 tf though.
The ISI-BSC2 was moved from the Staging building to the LVEA test stand in May 2012

This document presents series of tests (Phase II) performed on the ISI-BSC2 (BS).

First tests started in early August 2012, after BS installation and re-balancing of the ISI. Testing took 2 weeks (with breaks for Initial Alignment on the BS, the ISI was approved for Install on August 17th.

The cartridge install was done on September 7th 2012, after which payload was finalized and vibration absorption elements installed. Finally, Phase II-b testing was completed on October 10th and the dome was closed on October 11th.

BSC-ISI Testing
Notes and Changes:
Includes comparison against assembly tests, and also before/after install, and before/after closing dome.

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