LIGO Document E030518-v11

HSTS Assembly Procedure

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E - Engineering documents
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07 Mar 2013, 12:36
06 Aug 2012, 21:40
These are the assembly instructions for the HAM Small Triple Suspension, formerly the Advanced LIGO Mode Cleaner triple suspension.
SUS HSTS assembly
Notes and Changes:
Changes from -v10:
- Corrected torque table in Section 6.4 to match T1100066.
- Clarified blade placement instructions for Rotational Adjusters.
- Removed instruction to measure blade tip during initial assembly of Upper Mass (picture still to be updated).

Still to be done:
- Check (and correct if necessary) torque values in body of document.
- Correct instructions on installing Upper Mass/Coil Holder and removing Upper Mass/Coil Holder and Rotational Adjusters for creep bake.
- Add directions for balancing based on Robert Giglio's balancing document.

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