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ASC Monument Locations-Washington Site

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D - Drawings
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The drawing shows the proposed monuments to be used for various activities in the buildings of LHO. Likely vacuum chamber locations etc.
There is a tabulated list of these coordinates.
Also listed and shown are monuments to be used for Optic alignment-the IAM monuments.

** This is not an As-Built **

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Added excel and pdf of data to convert the local levels to GlobalZ.
Added the Survey notes tying two different datums. This allows the relating of BSC & HAM Chambers to the BTVE mons.
v2--Attached RogersSurveying As-Built for the PSI Monuments
Edited original PDF to included As-Built Coordinates for LVEA in Coordinate table--**There are differences**
VEA pages did not include a coordinate table nor annotation of the PSI numbers. They include symbols for the monuments and they have now been labeled.
Coordinates for the VEA can be gleaned from the As-Built.
Also attaching version A from the old DCC--no real new info but the VEA monument symbols are sized better.
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