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EtherCAT System Diagram

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Wiring and system diagram of the EtherCAT setup at each site.
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EtherCAT Beckhoff
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Document Change Notice (DCN)

The signal name changes from H0 to H1 (and implicitly L0 to L1) are authorized by ECR E1500016
Some of the changes are authorized by ECR E1500355
In the 2 years since the last update to this drawing there have been many other changes which require changes to this drawing of the EtherCAT system, such as adding entire chassis: EOM driver, VCO PLLs, FDDs, fast shutter, green WFS, auto-centering, PCAL, etc.

Changes v2 (8/9/2013) to v3 (8/25/2015):

  • sheet 1:

  • sector B2, "H1 Serial Corner MSR" (D1100632-v1) changes designations on COM ports as follows:
    [Old text, from COM4 thru COM1]: "H0TimingMaster H0TimingGPS1 H0TimingGPS2 H0TimingAtomic H0Weather"
    [New text, from COM4 thru COM1]: "H1TimingMaster H1TimingGPSTrimble H1TimingGPSCNS H1TimingAtomic H1Weather"

  • sheet 2:

  • sector B1, added "H1 EtherCAT ISC Common Corner" module (D1002961-v2)
    sector C1, added output labelled H1CAT6 to the "H1 EtherCAT Corner 5" (D1200132-v1) module
    sector A3, added "H1 RFAmplifier Concentrator 3" (D1100262-v1) module connected to the "H1 EtherCAT Corner 6" (D1300745-v1) module

  • sheet 3:

  • sector C3, added "H1 EtherCAT End 3 EX" (D1400175-v1) module
    sector C5, added "EtherCAT Auxiliary Signals Concentrator 6" (D1400000-v1) module
    sector D4, added "H1 ASC Demodulator Concentrator 1" (D1100696-v1) module

Known errors, or shortcomings, for -v3:
1) Sheet 1 should include the following general notes:
a) For the L1 interferometer, H1 should be replaced with L1
b) Only the X-end station (EX) layout is shown. The Y-end station is identical except substitute EY for EX.

2) There are only 3 sheets, but the title block indicates "Sheet n of 4"

3) sheet 3, sector B3: still has H0 signal designations instead of H1 ("H0 Weather EX" and "H0 TimingGPSCNS EX")

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