LIGO Document D0902216-v8

Advanced LIGO L1 Optical Layout, ZEMAX

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D - Drawings
Other Versions:
1) HAM1 and HAM6 were moved 1.38 in away from the global origin to account for the septum plate thickness.
2)ITM and BS Elliptical baffle locations were added
4)Incident ray vector angles were updated
IFO layout SYS
Notes and Changes:
1 The recycling cavity lengths are specified in Ref:T0900043-10; the ITM and ETM were moved per E1200345
2 using as-built wedge angles
3 using IO's x-coord for PR3; new y-coord and z-coord determined by wedge angles
4 using IO's x & y-coords for PR2 and PRM; new z-coord determined by wedge angles
5 using v7 y-coord for SR3; new x-coord and z-coord determined by wedge angles
6 using v7 x & y-coords for SR2 and SRM; new z-coord determined by wedge angles

9/27/2016 Dennis Coyne: Added the Zemax archive file (extension *.ZAR). This file was in the SolidWorks vault as version x-012 and dated 12/11/2012. I'm not sure that this archive file has all of the necessary optic material files, coating files and object (CAD) files. If not let me know and I'll find and add them.

9/28/2016 Dennis Coyne: Added eDrawings. The file "D0902216 L1 Zemax layout 11-dec-2012 x-012 a noSR2baf.EASM" has the SR2 scrapper baffle removed to see where a mis-aligned ghost beam will go. (Also the SR2 optic diameter was increased in case tolerances cause a near miss instead of a reflection.) Yawing and pitching the CPy does not move the ghost beams at the SRM, as observed in the actual L1 IFO. A puzzle.

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