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aLIGO Systems, HAM6-H1 Top Level Chamber Assembly

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31 Jan 2018, 10:24
aLIGO Systems, HAM6-H1 Top Level Chamber Assembly

Both a high resolution and a low resolution pdf are included. Low resolution for tablets etc ...

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Note (ES, 09/15/2022): Uploaded -v12(WIP)edrawing assembly for review purposes only. v12 (WIP) includes relocations of OM1, OM2, and FS. To do: Rebalance HAM ISI, adjust FS dump position, and update top level layout pdf.

Note (SA, 2023.12.01): Uploaded D0901822-v12 (WIP) y-015.STP, exported from the vault as-is.

V-11: Updated for pictorial purposes only to reflect changes at lower level assemblies.

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