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Locker Sleeve Housing

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D - Drawings
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Part of Locker Assembly, used in the HAM ISI. Provides interface for 2-position Locker Sleeve. Spinning the Locker Sleeve into/out of this part unlocks/locks the Locker Pin on the other stage.

Initial design by Alliance Spacesystems, Inc. (ASI).

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Release for Advanced LIGO procurement.

Changes from Enhanced LIGO version include:
1. Changed height, to match latest Locker Base.
2. Removed vent groove and replaced with 2x vent holes.
3. Replaced 3/8"-16 tapped holes with Heli-Coils.
4. Added chamfers and c'sinks.
5. Minor changes to tolerances, to reflect HPD red-lines (so the Sleeve will not bind up).

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