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Recent Changes[edit]

Recent Changes To This Wiki

Roll Out Phases[edit]

The new DCC is now open to the full LSC and Virgo collaborations and the old system has been frozen in a read-only state to prevent further updates. The final step to finish the transition from the old to the new DCC is the bulk migration of old documents that have not already been moved over by that time will be completed before completely shutting down the old system.

LIGO Document Control Center[edit]

The LIGO Laboratory maintains a Document Control Center (DCC) to archive and share LIGO and LSC documents. Policy for its use is found in M080351. The DCC is designed to:

  • Facilitate the business, technical, and scientific operation of the LIGO Laboratory and Projects it undertakes, such as Advanced LIGO
  • Support the inventory tracking, safety and quality assurance programs of the Laboratory
  • Archive the documentation relevant to the design, construction, and operation of the LIGO detectors, the documentation for the astrophysical exploitation of the instruments, and the publications from those searches
  • Facilitate the work of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration in its mission to guide the astrophysical and instrument science from LIGO and other LSC detectors
  • Control access to the documents in the DCC as appropriate. Many are available to the public, some to the LSC and Virgo collaborations, and some to more restricted audiences
  • Serve as a convenient and immediate way to share documents with others

DCC Use[edit]

  • No special software is required to use the new DCC, just a modern web browser.
  • Documents placed in the DCC should be relevant to the mission in a very broad sense of the Laboratory and LSC: to develop gravitational wave detectors, and to detect and exploit gravitational radiation signals
  • Documents are immediately visible to members of the specified access group (or higher) once they are uploaded, with the exception of public access to public documents which will require human approval first
  • Each document is assigned an access group for reading and modifying from the shell (onion) of user groups. Click here to access image rep of Onion
  • All documents placed in the DCC should have the assigned DCC number on (at least) the front page of the pdf version
  • All official correspondence from the LIGO Laboratory (on LIGO letterhead) to entities outside the Laboratory must be placed in the DCC
  • All contractual interaction (e.g., direction to vendors in email or otherwise, responses of vendors) of the LIGO Laboratory with entities outside of the Laboratory must be placed in the DCC in electronic format
  • Materials for which the DCC user does not have the rights should not be in the DCC. Please check carefully with the source of materials before uploading e.g., reprints of as-printed journal articles; explicit permission from the journal must be obtained or displayed on their web site. A publication-ready draft is a good substitute, along with a hyperlink to the article or its abstract on the journal’s web site.
  • Documents can contain multiple files, e.g. both an original electronics drawing or Powerpoint presentation, as well as a rendered PDF version. For all documents which are viewable in PDF, we ask that a PDF version be uploaded along with any source documents (e.g., .ppt, .xls, .doc, etc. If the set of documents cannot be viewed in pdf format please create a note explaining the types of documents that have been loaded.
  • Request Review / notification (You can sign up for email notification of additions or modifications of documents that are of interest to you.)

Four Points To Using the DCC[edit]

  • 4 points to using the DCC
  • Get a new number, fill in relevant information, resulting in a display of the document 'file card'
  • Place the new DCC number on the document, ideally via adding it to the source document; change x0 to v1 in the version field.
  • Certain documents / packages require prep prior to upload Click here
  • Create a PDF version of the document (if a human-readable file)
  • Select the upload option on the file card
  • Browse to the PDF version of the document, leave 'Main' checked, give a one-line 'Description' that is meaningful for the file contents
  • Also browse to the source document, and other documents, as desired; uncheck 'Main' for those other documents / Press the upload button

Quick start guide[edit]

DCC Help[edit]

Other options[edit]

  • Engineering Workflow

DocDB is the software used to populate and access the archive. These wiki pages are intended to help introduce users to that tool.

DCC Team[edit]

Stuart Anderson
Melody Araya
Philippe Grassia
Alveera Khan
Nichole Washington
Veronica Kondrashov
(LHO) Ryan Blair
(LLO) Matt Cowart
(LLO) Dwayne Giardina

2008 Evaluation Committee:
Rich Abbott
Dennis Coyne
Justin Greenhalgh
Brian Lantz
Albert Lazzarini
Brian O'Reilly
Peter Shawhan