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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
F0900037-v2 LIGO Operations Change Request Form Dennis Coyne Operations Business
23 Jan 2013
M1000372-v2 Members of the LIGO Lab Diversity Committee Fred Raab Diversity
16 Nov 2010
M2000212-v1 LIGO Top-Level Laboratory Organization Chart David Reitze et al. Management
29 Mar 2022
M1800264-v1 A+ Project Execution Plan Hannah Hansen et al. A+
13 Aug 2021
C080185-v3 LIGO Commercial Items or Services Contract, General Provisions Melanie McCandless et al. Procurements
Operations Business
21 Dec 2020
M1800303-v1 Support for LIGO Scientific Collaboration core functions in the era of gravitational-wave observations Brian O'Reilly et al. NSF
02 Oct 2019
C1900131-x0 EPO Financial Presentation Hannah Hansen None
23 Apr 2019
M1500262-v3 Procurement Workflow for Detector Improvements (DI) Dennis Coyne et al. Procurements
System Engineering
Operations Business
Technical Review Board
07 Jun 2018
M1000373-v1 Recommended online job posting sites to increase diversity in applicant pools Fred Raab Diversity
16 Nov 2010
C1501378-v1 SOW LLO Bathroom Upgrades Hannah Hansen et al. Procurements
Operations Business
10 Sep 2015
C1501115-v2 Statement of Work (SOW) LIGO Livingston LN2 Supply Scott McCormick et al. Operations
Operations Business
08 Jul 2015
C1501125-v2 Statement of Work (SOW) LIGO Hanford LN2 Supply (FY16-FY18) Steve Marroquin et al. Procurements
13 Aug 2015
C1204443-v3 SOW: LLO Electrical Maintenance Contract Steve Marroquin et al. Procurements
05 Oct 2012
C1000191-v4 RFQ SM-015 - ALIGO BSC-ISI Vacuum Pod Catalog Parts (SI-195i) Steve Marroquin et al. Procurements
01 Mar 2010

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